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Living a dream
Extensive background and information about the beginning of and reason behind the development of the McLaren M6GT.
Bruce McLaren M6GT
Short background on some of the reasons behind the development of the McLaren M6GT.
Mathews Collection M6GT
Details on and pictures of the original McLaren M6GT owned by Bruce McLaren.
Manta Cars McLaren M6
Links to pictures of various McLaren M6 and M6GT cars through out the world.
Pete's McLaren M6GT/R Project
Step by step details of the restoration of Pete's M6GT/R. Also contains links to similar information about 2 other peoples restoration projects. Lots of detail about what information he has found out about the original McLaren M6GT as well.
Wolin Car Collection M6GT
Pictures of a replica McLaren M6GT belonging to the Wolin Car Collection.
TW Mouldings
TW Mouldings were the company that originally produced the body panels and windscreen for the McLaren M6GT. I believe that they still have the original moulds and can reproduce body panels if required.
Manta Cars
Web-site with photos of the Manta Montage replica of a McLaren M6GT.