Body Panels

I've finally purchased a digital camera so I have taken some photos of the body panels that we have for the McLaren M6GT. These panels are currently hanging on the walls of the workshop where we plan to build the car. All in all the body shell is reasonably close to the original M6GT, but not idential by any means. In fact, after some further searching on the internet it is clear that the body panels are from a Manta Montage.

Any alterations that we plan to make will hopefully be minor and not be too complicated. I have not looked at the panels for ages, and they are pretty high on the wall, so I couldn't check the composition of the panels. I do remember that they don't look entirely like fiberglass, but were still some sort of resin laminate with a gel coat.

Each of the thumbnails can be clicked on to see a larger image.

Front Section

This section looks pretty close to the original, except for the headlights which differ slightly. The piece that fits underneath/behind the radiator and connects to the front of the windscreen was not part of the set we got so will have to be made. We are not sure how complicated the alteration to the headlights will be (or even if we will alter them).

McLaren M6GT center section body panel

Center Section

This section looks pretty close to the original. I am not sure where the doors are, so I couldn't take any snaps of them. One of the doors needs some repair because part of the lamination had begun to separate around the top front corner.

McLaren M6GT front section body moulding McLaren M6GT body panels

Rear Section

This section doesn't look very close to the original and is probably the section that least resembles the original. The rear lip looks too large from what I can tell in the pictures of the original. We may not change this though because that would be a pretty major alteration to the back. We are also a little concerned the that largish 3.0 litre V6 (in physical dimensions, not engine displacement) won't fit underneath the rear section once it has been cut out and covered with glass/polycarbonate. We may also alter the rear so it hinges behind the passenger cabin rather than the rear to prevent it getting ripped off if it ever manages to get unclipped while driving.

McLaren M6GT rear section body moulding McLaren M6GT front and rear section body panels