Welcome to teirney.NET, the personal web site and HTML/CSS/SSI testing ground for David Teirney. I am 30 something years old and live in Auckland, New Zealand. For those of you that haven't heard of the America's Cup and Team New Zealand or Peter Jackson and the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, New Zealand is located in the south of the Pacific Ocean next to the small island of Australia. If you really don't know anything about New Zealand you'll soon identify something of a kindly rivalry between Kiwi's (New Zealanders) and Aussie's (Australians) because Australia is anything but small.

Most of the content accessed through this page is very old. Most new content can be found on my blog. Within this older part of the web site you will find information about some of the things that I have found interesting in the past. In particular I enjoy working with and driving cars. There are sections for my long held and modified 1990 JDM Honda Civic SiR, my fathers race prepared Mk1 Ford Escort Twin Cam, and the potential beginnings of a project to recreate a McLaren M6GT.

The old "What's New?" RSS feed used to be manually created by me after each update (long before blogging software generated them automatically) but is no longer. Head over to the RSS feed on my blog if you are interested in seeing what information I thrust into the intarweb on a rare occasion.